Fabrication and Characterization of SERS (Substrate-Enhanced Raman Scattering) Substrates for Cancer Biomarker Detection

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Emily Kennedy
Pietro Strobbia


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Student Major: Chemistry

Project Advisor: Pietri Strobbia 

Abstract: Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS) proposes a less invasive solution to current diagnostics involving the detection of cancer. Using this technique to examine and perform liquid biopsies allows for more sample abundance and therefore a cheaper alternative to current methods. SERS is a sensitive technique that is able to detect very low concentrations and amplify the intensity to be examined. This is achieved by the preparation of gold nanostar substrates. These nanostars have a strong plasmonic enhancement which allowed for the observed peaks to appear high and intense. In addition to the nanostars, specific raman active chemicals are added to the substrate to examine the different peaks and intensities. This research is demonstrating how the surface charge of the substrate affects the response of the liposome. The specific chemicals and their charges being studied are that of 6-mercapto-1-hexanonal (neutral charge), cysteamine (positive charge) and a bare surface (no charge). To observe the effects of these charges, SERS is being used to detect and compare the specific peaks as well as the intensities of the differentially charged substrates.

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Category: Mitigating & Curing Cancer
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Emily Kennedy

Major: Chemistry