Hospital Readmission Rates for Geriatric Patients over the Age of 60

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Lauren Wertz


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Student Major: Social Work

Project Advisor: Gary Dick

Abstract: As readmission rates are increasing every year the hospital staff is getting criticized more and more. Hospitals are losing funds from other corporations because most of their missions are people who were just previously there. This causes a lot more stress for everyone in the hospital field and causing the burnout rate to be higher. It’s important that we look at why they are coming back if it has something to do with psychological reasons then there were something that we were missing all along. In this study I looked at 16 patients who had recently been readmitted to the hospital in the geriatric psych unit within the past year. Within this population I looked at what their diagnosis is and how it was different from their previous admission. If it was something that is different than what it was previously then there was something that we were missing. In this study we look at who is readmitted more often between dementia patients and other behavioral disturbances. 

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Category: Social Services, Healthcare, & Education
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Lauren Wertz

Major: Social Work