The Effect of Foster Care Programs

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Molly Kurtz
Anjanette Wells


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Award(s): Excellence in Research Communication

Student Major: Social Work

Project Advisor: Anjanette Wells

Abstract: Foster care is a complicated process that leaves a lasting impact on the youth involved, as well as the parents that care for them. A majority of the population does not know the struggle that this entails for all of those involved. Emancipated foster youth are more likely to face even more struggles once they age out of foster care. This can range from addiction, incarceration, and/or poverty. Luckily, there have been more programs created to prevent this. This research will focus on two main programs, Wendy's Wonderful Kids, and Bridges. Advocating for these programs and the impact they can have will give foster youth the resources and tools for a successful future. Interviews have been completed in order to gain more information on these programs and the opportunities they hold. This information can become a lifeline for those in need, and can change the world of foster care and those involved for good.

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Category: The Impact of the Foster Care System
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Molly Kurtz

Major: Social Work