Does Removal from Biological Parental Custody Impact Children’s Behavior?

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Carly Williams
Anjanette Wells


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Award(s): Excellence in Research Communication

Student Major: Social Work

Project Advisor: Anjanette Wells

Abstract: 437,283 American children were removed from their parents last year. (FPF, 2023). 84% of all child removals are not related to any physical harm to the child whatsoever (FPF, 2023). With children being removed from the care of their biological parents, we wonder if their behaviors mirror those of their biological parents. The purpose of my project is to determine if and how children's behaviors are affected, positively or negatively, once they are removed from the care of their biological parents. I will be conducting in-depth interviews with 2-3 children who qualify. The qualifications I am looking for are that the child has been under the care of a guardian other than a biological parent for at least three years, is aged 12 or younger, attends a school of the ones that BBBS serves. In person interviews will be conducted for the benefit of face to face contact, being able to see the reactions in the children’s faces and to hear the tones in their voices gives me more of an idea of how they are really feeling. The outcome of my work will demonstrate the significance of the presence of biological parents in a child’s life. The knowledge gained through this study can be used to inform and improve the practice of social workers working with children. 


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Category: The Impact of the Foster Care System
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Carly Williams

Major: Social Work