Barriers to Treatment for Addiction for Homeless Women

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Chloe Maune
Gary Dick


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Student Major: Social Work

Project Advisor: Gary Dick

Abstract: Treatment is a serious issue for homeless women because of the barriers that prevent them from accessing these treatments. These barriers include transportation, lack of availability in programs, and the mental health issues that coexist with substance use. This problem is all across the country. According to the article, "the homeless population is disproportionately affected by medical, psychiatric, and substance-use problems" (Collins et al., 24). This makes substance use and mental health a coexisting problem with one another. According to the article, "In the USA in 1963 women represented 3% of the homeless population and by 2005 they represented 32% (Arangua, Andersen, & Gelberg, 2005)" (Phipps et al., 2). 

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Category: Trauma, Abuse, Substance Use, & Carceral Systems
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Chloe Maune

Major: Social Work