Diversity and Disability The Implications of White-Centered Diversity Logics on Deaf* Organizations

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Tori Visconti
Oneya Okuwobi


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Award(s): Excellence in Research Mentoring; Excellence in Research Communication

Student Major: Political Science; Sociology

Project Advisor: Oneya Okuwobi

Abstract: This study analyzes the racial ideologies of the meso-level, specifically the Hearing Speech + Deaf Center of Greater Cincinnati. Through an interview and key documents analyses, the primary ideology identified is diversity logic, with the tenant of diversity as intent a key framework. Although diversity logic calls for race consciousness, it is centered around white comfort, and equates representation to equality. Structural inequalities are seldom acknowledged, as the framework highly values white people's desires and feelings. Diversity as intent recognizes the good intentions of diversity in organizations, but again fails to address structural issues that cause the systematic inequalities of marginalized races. The primary goal of this research is to address how diversity logic affects the Deaf* community, specifically Deaf* people of color. This study explores the intersection between race and disability, and provides suggestions of equity logics organizations can adopt to address structural issues. The outcome of the work will further the study of racial ideologies in organizations. 

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Tori Visconti

Major: Political Science; Sociology