Emergent Bilingual Preschoolers Engagement with Bilingual Versus English-Only Video Books


Brianna Creech
Taylor Liette
Amy Hobek


By Brianna Creech, Communication Sciences and Disorders; Taylor Liette, Communication Sciences and Disorders

Advisor: Amy Hobek

Abstract: The purpose of this study was to examine emergent bilingual preschool children's reading engagement when they were shown video storybooks in bilingual or english-only formats. Six children were presented with bilingual and english-only video adapted preschool books two times a week for six weeks. Each session was video recorded, viewed, and analyzed for behaviors associated with the child's level of literacy orientation. This analysis was done using the "Children's Orientation to Book Reading Rating Scale" (COB rating scale). This tool uses a four point rating scale to measure the level of engagement with books in the areas of persistence, posture, facial expressions, eye gaze, distractibility, verbal communication, and response to adult support. Paired sample t-tests will be used to statistically analyze the differences between the outcome measures of bilingual book and english-only book presentations. Results and implications will be discussed.


Classic Poster (9:45-11:45 AM)