Residency Programs for New Graduate Nurses


Allyson Vosler
Rachel Buescher
Ryan Gehringer
Mason Bowser
Carolyn Smith


By Allyson Vosler, Nursing; Rachel Buescher, Nursing; Ryan Gehringer, nan; Mason Bowser, nan

Advisor: Carolyn Smith

Abstract: In 2019, 27.7% of new graduate nurses have shown to leave their job within the first year of hire due to feeling overwhelmed upon entering the workforce with the responsibility of having to care for patients' lives. The purpose of this project is therefore directed towards educating senior nursing students on the purpose, structure, key factors, and benefits nurse residency programs can offer to enhance their transition into practice. A lecture presentation will be provided, along with a pre- and post- survey to assess the effectiveness of the education session in enhancing student's knowledge on nurse residency programs. The results from the session are currently pending. However, it is anticipated that the audience will gain a better understanding of the purpose of nurse residency programs in building new graduates' confidence, skills, and job satisfaction through the collaboration of class lectures, simulations, and clinical experience on the floors.


Classic Poster (9:45-11:45 AM)