Traumatic On-the-Job Experiences and Help-Seeking Behaviors Among Professionals: Differences Between Men and Women


Alexandria Brown
Dr. Sarah Manchak


By Alexandria Brown , Criminal Justice

Advisor: Dr. Sarah Manchak

Abstract: Across professions such as substance use treatment, corrections, and emergency services, personnel are often exposed to stressful and traumatizing experiences, which can have adverse personal and professional impact. Professionals may not seek help, because they feel they may be stigmatized by others, they may lack insight into the severity of their own distress, or they may discuss their emotions in a manner that does not signal to others that they may be in need of support or more formal services. Using a sample of 227 professionals from substance use treatment, emergency services, and corrections fields, this study seeks to address the following aims: (1) To examine the similarities and differences between men and women in their accounts of their most upsetting on-the-job experiences, and (2) To determine how male and female professionals differ in their help-seeking behaviors and attitude


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