UC Student Guide: An App by Students, for Students


Minh Anh Nguyen
Allison Meier
Emma Masla
Cedrick Kwuimy


By Minh Anh Nguyen, Electrical Engineering; Allison Meier, Computer Engineering; Emma Masla, Computer Science

Advisor: Cedrick Kwuimy

Abstract: UC Student Guide: An App by Students, for Students, is a software solution to one of the most prevalent difficulties faced by incoming college students; by streamlining information on food locations, sporting events, and club involvement into a single location, this application makes getting involved on campus easier and more accessible than ever. The purpose of this endeavor was to expand our knowledge of programming while creating an operable application prototype to benefit the students of the University of Cincinnati. In order to achieve this, we divided tasks into three parts: data collection, application architecture, and software design. In order to create the most viable product possible and maximize knowledge obtained, each member assisted with all three areas while specializing in her chosen area. Data was collected throughout the planning process, while each member familiarized herself with the team's programming language of choice, Kotlin. Once this stage was complete, a more thorough look into the application structure was completed before an in-depth debugging and improvement stage. This was done together via Android Studio, so that progress could be completed with a logical progression, all members remaining updated on changes, and app versions could be tested incrementally. The overall project culminated in a viable prototype for an application of this nature, in which a user may choose one of several different tabs to navigate throughout the product.


Classic Poster (9:45-11:45 AM)