How Teaching Assistants can help Professors efficiently in the classroom


Jessica Brenneman
Maggie Fada
Carney Sotto


By Jessica Brenneman, Communication Sciences and Disorders; Maggie Fada, Communication Sciences and Disorders

Advisor: Carney Sotto

Abstract: The presence of a Teaching Assistant (TA) in a course provides many benefits for both the professor and the TA. By providing the professor with additional support, a TA can enrich the students' learning experience (Weidert, Wendorf, Gurung, & Filz, 2012). A primary role and responsibility a TA can offer is helping to accelerate the communication between professors and students. The work a TA is instructed to do not only affects themselves but also reflects on the professor. This emphasizes the importance of having a TA as part of the course and the opportunity to make an impact on both the students and the professor for the work completed. Working with a TA requires coordination and clarity when it comes to expectations. In order for both the professor and the TA to succeed, there needs to be an agreement on their goals for the class and how to maintain those goals. Overall, the intention of a TA is to assist the professor in ensuring success in the classroom by all enrolled students in a course. With clear instruction, the TA can generate efficient learning that not only benefits themselves, but others involved as well.


Classic Poster (9:45-11:45 AM)