St. Vincent de Paul Case Relation Management (CRM) Adaptions


Jack Crider
Kendall Trudeau
Alex Eatides
Michael Sharp


By Jack Crider, Communication; Kendall Trudeau, Communication; Alex Eatides, Communication

Advisor: Michael Sharp

Abstract: St. Vincent de Paul is a a non-profit religious organization that serves the needs of their neighbors in and around the Cincinnati area. There are many conferences in Cincinnati where services such as food, clothing, housing, and many other resources are available to those in need. St. Vincent de Paul (SVdP) is primarily run on a volunteer basis with a majority of their volunteers being over the age of 70. After our first meeting with Paul, we decided that the desired outcome is to help SVDP's elderly volunteers adjust to SVDP's new Case Relation Management system, as well as attempt to clarify the instructions of the new technology in ways that the volunteers are able to clearly understand. With the understanding that change can be scary for many, we are hoping to help Paul make the training process as painless and as smooth as possible while also encouraging volunteers to utilize the new system. The key benefit is centralized data management with what SVDP is doing with their neighbors. Right now, each conference has a different way of managing the data with regards to the neighbors they serve. This is not an effective source because every conference should be able to understand how to use and read the data when they go from conference to conference. Another benefit is that using a centralized data management system helps with grants and qualifications of neighbors getting assistance around Cincinnati. As we continue to make progress on our project, we have been auditing information


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