Postpartum Hemorrhage Risk in Subsequent Births


Jenna Byrne
Elizabeth Wiedeman
Sarah Merz
Sarah Price
Lori Trammel


By Jenna Byrne, Nursing; Elizabeth Wiedeman, Nursing; Sarah Merz, nan; Sarah Price, nan

Advisor: Lori Trammel

Abstract: Worldwide, postpartum hemorrhage is responsible for one-quarter of maternal deaths each year, accounting for 1 death every 4 minutes. Postpartum mothers receive little education about the increased risk of hemorrhage not only in their first pregnancy but in subsequent pregnancies. The purpose of our project is to determine the risk of post-partum hemorrhage in subsequent births among mothers who experienced post-partum hemorrhage after their first delivery as compared to mothers who did not experience hemorrhage. We created an educational slideshow to present to a childbirth series class in which we emphasized the importance of knowing the risks of postpartum hemorrhage and when to call your physician. In addition to education, we provided handouts with signs of postpartum hemorrhage and a quiz to determine learning. Main findings and conclusions will be presented at showcase date.


Classic Poster (9:45-11:45 AM)