The Impact of Implementing Cultural Beliefs into End of Life Care


Brooke Owens
Rachel Pound
Rosalind Moore


By Brooke Owens, Nursing; Rachel Pound, Nursing

Advisor: Rosalind Moore

Abstract: Currently, the University of Cincinnati College of Nursing baccalaureate curriculum provides limited information regarding cultural differences when providing clinical care during end of life. The purpose of this evidence-based project is to educate junior year students enrolled in a community health nursing class during Spring Semester 2020 about the importance and effects of incorporating patients' beliefs and backgrounds when providing quality end-of-life care. We created an online education module to present to these students which included a voice over powerpoint presentation. We also created a post-module survey to evaluate the students' knowledge on the topic and their comfort in caring for patients who come from other cultural backgrounds. After receiving the education, we anticipate students will gain significant knowledge about implementing cultural beliefs into end of life care that will benefit them and will be able to apply into their eventual practice. Students will participate by reviewing an online module and by providing feedback in the post-module survey, indicating to us that they were interested in the topic and presentation. Results of student evaluations and lessons learned will be presented.


Classic Poster (9:45-11:45 AM)