Communication has consequences: An educational intervention to assess effective dialogue between registered nurses.


Brooke Brigadoi
Sarah Cowperthwait
Ali Langhorst
Emma Clark
Joseph Perazzo


By Brooke Brigadoi, Nursing ; Sarah Cowperthwait, Nursing ; Ali Langhorst , University of Cincinnati; Emma Clark , University of Cincinnati

Advisor: Joseph Perazzo

Abstract: Communication is a foundational competency in caring for patients. The literature consistently designates its effects not only to the quality, satisfaction, and safety of patient care but also to the ambience in which the registered nurse is able to apply himself/herself. Registered nurses provide and coordinate 80% of patient care and the Joint Commission reported that 65% of adverse patient events were caused by communication problems. In 2010, new evidence suggested this number increased to 80% of errors being partially related to communication issues. Moreover, regardless of the setting, there is limited research to guide nursing communication practices. In light of this, our group's main objective is to use the existing literature to enable registered nurses, through developing an understanding of communication methods, to value effective dialogue in their practice. Our group is conducting an education session to student-nurses at the University of Cincinnati on March 25th, 2020; a pre- and post-survey will be given to evaluate future registered nurses' value of effective dialogue. The main findings and conclusions of this project will be presented at the Undergraduate Scholarly Showcase at the University of Cincinnati, April 20th, 2020.


Classic Poster (1:00-3:00 PM)