All-in-One Experience Magazine


Erin McCaffrey
Michael Canaan
Sara Latif
Michael Sharp


By Erin McCaffrey, Communication; Michael Canaan, Interdisciplinary Studies; Sara Latif, Communication

Advisor: Michael Sharp

Abstract: Experience Magazine gathers practice and theory features of academic and practitioner submissions that cover practice highlights, field trends, how-to articles and relevant information along with resources for scholars and practitioners in the field of experiential learning. While its ultimate goal is to benefit scholars and practitioners, the magazine is failing to reach the target audience that it wishes. Also, the format displayed on the website is restrictive and allows only one publication a year, which is a constraint to engagement and prominence. Experience magazine wants to elevate the magazine and create an "updates" style publication platform. Finally and in terms of audience, Experience Magazine wants to reach more students and practitioners to increase its notoriety in the experiential learning sector.


Classic Poster (9:45-11:45 AM)