Chronic Stress in College Students across Countries


Kimberly Yeboah
Kathryrn Francis
Lucy Wess Yauss
Laura Hofmeyer
Amisha Patel
Rachel Smith-Steinert


By Kimberly Yeboah, Nursing; Kathryrn Francis, Nursing; Lucy Wess Yauss, University of Cincinnati; Laura Hofmeyer, University of Cincinnati; Amisha Patel, University of Cincinnati

Advisor: Rachel Smith-Steinert

Abstract: College students around the world undergo excessive amounts of stress that have effects on their mental health, physical health and academic performance. The purpose of this evidence-based Capstone project is to educate our peers and listeners about mental health among students in the U.S., Tanzania, and Japan. We will compare coping mechanisms among these countries and provide knowledge on adequate resources available for students at the University of Cincinnati. In addition to education, we provided the junior nursing class in their mental health rotation with guidelines and resources available on campus in order to maintain healthy coping mechanisms and a positive mentality. We plan to collect feedback from the students through our online survey that include questions regarding common stressors, University services provided, and positive and negative coping strategies. An evaluation will be presented after collecting feedback from the students.


Classic Poster (1:00-3:00 PM)