Analyzing Fatherhood Engagement in Child Welfare


Isabel Renner
Gary Dick


By Isabel Renner, Social Work

Advisor: Gary Dick

Abstract: This research addressed whether or not the programs and policies currently in place at Butler County Children Services have made a positive effect in regard to fatherhood or two-parent engagement. Through analyzing data collected by the agency over the last few years and comparing it to when policies were initiated, this study determined the success or need for improvement within the agency's standards. The aim of this study was to examine and analyze the agency's progress since the implementation of these policies and note if there has been any improvement in getting fathers informed and involved in cases. This was a quantitative and evaluative study with tools that are measured through ratio scales. These ratio scales consist of information such as, number of clients involved with the fatherhood program, the number of children currently in care, and the number of fathers identified. The subjects of this study are all of the families that BCCS has investigated in the last five years. Participants in this study can range in age and demographic background as the only qualifier is that the participant is a father. Preliminary information about the agency's policies, procedures and programs have been gathered throughout the fall of 2019 and the spring of 2020. Data collected via an agency coordinator has been examined and analyzed during the spring of 2020 as well. Butler County Children Services is not exempt from faults and too struggles to engage with fathers, though it has seen progress in the last couple of years.


Classic Poster (9:45-11:45 AM)