Redefining Time-Sensitive Care in an Emergency Department


Monica Durstock
Mandy Schnetzer
Morgan Hegenbarth
Jessie Miller
Kiersten Bair
Deborah Schwytzer


By Monica Durstock, Nursing; Mandy Schnetzer, Nursing; Morgan Hegenbarth, Nursing; Jessie Miller, nan; Kiersten Bair, nan

Advisor: Deborah Schwytzer

Abstract: Emergency Departments in the United States are very busy, with extended wait times, and the problem is only getting worse. An option that is available that might help to alleviate this crowding issue is to increase the use of Emergency Nurse Practitioners. Emergency Nurse Practitioners offer a unique perspective to an emergency care setting while still providing improved access, clinical expertise, and collaborative skills. The purpose of the education session is to educate registered nurses on the key role and important function that Emergency Nurse Practitioners have in the emergency department. Along with a short oral presentation to select critical care nurses, a handout with information will be given to survey and assess knowledge that was gained during the lecture. The findings and conclusions will be presented at a later date.


Classic Poster (1:00-3:00 PM)