Web Design Consulting for Bearcat Promise Career Studio


Caroline Edens
Azuree Carrington
Shuhao Yang
Michael Sharp


By Caroline Edens, Communication; Azuree Carrington, Communication; Shuhao Yang, Communication

Advisor: Michael Sharp

Abstract: The Bearcat Promise Career Studio is a brand new resource offered by UC as of Spring 2020. Knowing that students primarily research and find access to campus resources through websites, we have been working with our client to ensure that their website meets required standards. This includes a user friendly interface design and the presence of/ ability to access relevant information. By pushing out a survey directly to UC students, we will gain firsthand insight into how effective users find the website to be. We will use this information to then make suggestions to the Bearcat Promise Career Studio as to how they can make such a valuable campus resource more accessible to students through proper web design.


Classic Poster (1:00-3:00 PM)