Approaching Solutions to Rural Health Disparities


Natasha Rodriguez
Michelle Reutter


By Natasha Rodriguez, Liberal Arts: Medicine, Health, and Society

Advisor: Michelle Reutter

Abstract: There is currently a problem of existing disparities that affect healthcare in America. These disparities have a significant effect on individuals of the emerging majority and of lower socioeconomic status. Much of the literature that discusses rural health focuses specifically on the problems that occur and why they are important. The research in this paper will be highlighting some of the biggest rural health issues and directing the discussion toward existing solutions. The results for this research were obtained through existing literature and by interviewing physicians that work in rural health. With issues involving transportation, insurance, health behaviors, and other problems, the available solutions also vary widely. This paper aims at explaining such solutions and determining which ones would be most effective and decreasing the disparities. It is important for health officials to recognize these solutions to help the 60 million people that live in rural areas gain access to their right to healthier lives.


Classic Poster (9:45-11:45 AM)