Destroying The Stigma


Darian Wohrle
Abigail Schmitz
Shannon O'Connor
Sydney Goins
Liz Clark
Maddie Bernert
Amber Irwin


By Darian Wohrle, Nursing; Abigail Schmitz, Nursing; Shannon O'Connor, Nursing; Sydney Goins, University of Cincinnati; Liz Clark, University of Cincinnati; Maddie Bernert, University of Cincinnati

Advisor: Amber Irwin

Abstract: Approximately one in five teens suffer from at least one mental health disorder, but fewer than half receive the treatment they need (NAMI). The purpose of this educational project is to provide an understanding on the stigma surrounding mental illness to the high school student population. The negative stigma surrounding mental health is a significant issue encountered by those suffering from mental illness. We created an educational session to present to a freshmen high school health class which includes a PowerPoint presentation and real-life stories. After identifying barriers to reducing mental health stigma, we will educate the students on how to combat preconceived notions of mental illness. Finally, we will be directing the students toward mental health resources that may be available to them including different types of therapy, counsellors and facilities. We will present this information to these students on March 26th, 2020. We will gather our evidence using a pre- and post-presentation survey to evaluate the student's change in attitude regarding the mental health stigma. Findings and conclusions will be presented in April 2020 at the University of Cincinnati undergraduate showcase.


Classic Poster (9:45-11:45 AM)