Energy Transfer Photoreactivity of Alkyl Azide Derivatives in Crystals


Justin Cifuentes
Anna Gudmundsdottir


By Justin Cifuentes, Chemistry

Advisor: Anna Gudmundsdottir

Abstract: Upon irradiation, _, _, _, and _-alkyl azides form triplet ketone excited states which undergo further energy transfers to form triplet nitrenes as the intermediates. Laser flash photolysis studies show that the lifetimes of these triplet ketones and triplet nitrenes are longer in crystals than in solution. Nanocrystal suspension studies using water as the solvent were used to study the solid state. Solid state laser flash photolysis shows that the lifetimes of these triplet ketone azides and triplet nitrenes have increased in solid state. Through these explorations, it has been proposed that the crystal lattices function to control the stability of these intermediates.


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