Does Hospice Diagnosis affect Length of Stay?


Elizabeth Henderson
Gary Dick


By Elizabeth Henderson, Social Work

Advisor: Gary Dick

Abstract: The aim of the study is to understand the correlation between hospice diagnosis and length of stay. The population at hand is of those who are near the end of life majority are 65 years and older with few outliers. Data was collected from a hospice agency located in Cincinnati, Crossroads Hospice of Cincinnati. Patients who were analyzed are those who passed in the year 2019. All measures to remain confidential were taken. Qualifications to be admitted into hospice are difficult to meet. Situations may vary depending on the patient's living situation whether it be in a nursing facility or at home with help from a loved one or a home health agency. Regardless of these factors, does hospice diagnosis affect length of stay?


Classic Poster (9:45-11:45 AM)