Narcan Administration and Recovery in Opioid Overdoses

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Palak Patel
Samantha Luna
Lindsay Dorman
Jessica Westman


By Palak Patel, Nursing; Samantha Luna, Nursing; Lindsay Dorman, Nursing


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Abstract: Educating community members, specifically college students, on Narcan (Naloxone) administration regarding opioid overdose can decrease the total amount of deaths seen in Hamilton County. The Ohio Department of Health reports that in 2019 there were 353 unintentional drug overdose deaths in Hamilton County. The purpose of our educational project was to educate college students on how to recognize an opioid overdose and Narcan administration in hopes to decrease the total number of overdose related deaths. We created an education session to present to the UC Panhellenic Committee. Before the educational session started, we had the participants fill out a pre-test to demonstrate any prior knowledge related to Narcan, opioid overdose and the arising epidemic. Our presentation included a powerpoint, videos, handouts and a physical demonstration of Narcan administration. Following the presentation, a link was provided for participants to request a Narcan kit from the Hamilton County Public Health Department via mail. The audience gained significantly more knowledge about Narcan, opioid overdose, and the epidemic arising as evidenced by the pre and post-test administered. The attendees actively participated during the educational session and asked relevant questions at the end. This indicated active learning occurred and that attendees gained knowledge regarding Narcan and opioid overdoses. 

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Category: Stress, Trauma, & Addiction