Educating Bedside Nurses on Stress Reduction Techniques to Combat Burnout

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Ryann Kramer
Mackenzie Abbitt
Andrea Alfaro
Mohammad Othman


By Ryann Kramer, Nursing; Mackenzie Abbitt, Nursing; Andrea Alfaro, Nursing

Advisor: Mohammad Othman

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Abstract: Currently in the United States, more than 50% of registered nurses have reported experiencing burnout leading to poor personal health and decreased patient safety. Nurses with poor mental and physical health are 26% to 71% more likely to report making medical errors compared to those in better health. It is imperative for nurses to recognize and implement interventions of reducing burnout to decrease the likelihood of becoming a statistic in the nursing burnout issue. The purpose of our project is to educate bedside nurses on techniques such as self care and mindfulness to prevent them from entering the burnout cycle. Bedside nurses on a medical surgical unit at The University of Cincinnati Medical Center received an education session in which we presented a pamphlet emphasizing the techniques of self care and mindfulness to help prevent the possibility of burnout. A pre and post test was distributed to the participants to assess the knowledge of the information presented and identify any knowledge gaps. After the information session was presented, of the nurses who took the test, 89% of participants showed growth in knowledge as evidenced by post test scores. Additionally, 67% of participants said they would be interested in adding self care interventions to their workdays.

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Category: Stress, Trauma, & Addiction