Nurse Burnout At the Bedside

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Alyssa McDonald
Emily Mills
Megan Nippert
Paul Lewis


By Alyssa McDonald, Nursing; Emily Mills, Nursing; Megan Nippert, Nursing

Advisor: Paul Lewis

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Abstract: Educating Nurses on Positive Coping Strategies for Burnout at the Bedside According to The Journal of Advanced Nursing, approximately 30-60% of nurses experience high levels of burn-out. The purpose of our educational presentation was to improve knowledge of positive coping mechanisms and their impact on decreasing burnout among nurses at the bedside. We created an education plan that was presented to bedside nurses on a medical-surgical unit, that included the basics of what burnout is and three examples of positive coping mechanisms they can implement into their daily lives. These coping mechanisms were diaphragmatic breathing, coloring, and building interpersonal relationships. In addition to educating, we handed out information sheets and provided visual aids to enhance the learning process. The attendees showed increased knowledge on positive coping mechanisms, readiness to implement these coping mechanisms, and identification of stress. 

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Category: Stress, Trauma, & Addiction