Development of an Accessible Weather Condition Warning Alert and Prediction System

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Giuliana Romani Cabrera
Daniel Kassahun Wassie
Dasash Endalk Belay
Cedric Kwuimy


By Giuliana Romani Cabrera, Biomedical Engineering; Daniel Kassahun Wassie, Electrical Engineering; Dasash Endalk Belay, Electrical Engineering

Advisor: Cedric Kwuimy

Award: Excellence in Research Communication

Presentation ID: 273

Abstract: Through the years, public weather condition warnings have been implemented in many cities to alert people of when one should stay inside and avoid exposure, driving, or even evacuate the area for cases like hurricanes and tornadoes. These messages are usually broadcasted through sirens, radio, televisions, phones, and more. However, there are various places around the world where these weather warnings are inaccessible because of a lack of signal or inaccurate due to their distance to the sensor. Our idea for this project is primarily concerned with finding a solution to this problem by creating a weather condition predictor and suggestion/alert system that uses a different and more accessible kind of sensor so that these predictions can be as effective in rural areas just as much as urban areas. Plus, this system will be principally adapted to work with a smartphone with the idea that predictions and warnings can be easily seen by the user nowadays. The project is being carried out in collaboration between members of Bahirdar University and the University of Cincinnati. We're utilizing a variety of components in this project, including Arduino, temperature sensors, a Wi-Fi module, a breadboard, an LCD display, and more. After the project is completed, the creation can be implemented in areas that don't have an accurate weather warning system so that all kinds of people can be live safer. 

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