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Meena Timshina
Sun Yujie


By Meena Timshina, Chemistry

Advisor: Sun Yujie

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Abstract: This research intends to produce inexpensive renewable energy using the knowledge of electrochemistry. In order to generate both cheap and efficient materials, we need to utilize better electrocatalysts and affordable starting materials. As HMF is inexpensive and readily available, it was selected as our starting material. HMF will be converted into DFF using TEMPO as the redox mediator. In the process of optimizing heterogeneous pyrene-TEMPO, homogeneous TEMPO will be explored as a model study. To purify the synthesized pyrene/TEMPO, Column Chromatography was performed followed by NMR and HPLC. One challenge of this reaction is to selectively oxidize HMF to DFF which, has yet to be done successfully. To better understand the dynamics of this experiment, it's essential to acknowledge terms such as electrocatalysis, electrochemical cell, Current, Charge, Constant Potential, NMR, HPLC, and Nernst equation as they are being heavily used in this research to analyze and interpret the results of an experiment. Using the Potentiostat, current and charge of this homogenous solution was measured at a constant potential. So far, the yield of this experiment has not been optimized as this research is an ongoing process. This experiment can benefit the entire science community including electrochemists, environmentalists, and agriculturalists. 

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Category: New Frontiers