Using Fluorescent RNA Labelling to Elucidate Molecular Pathways in the Developing Embryo

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Leslie Brown
David Buchholz


By Leslie Brown, Biological Science

Advisor: Daniel Buchholz

Presentatio ID: 213

Abstract: We developed and optimized a protocol for fluorescently labelling RNA in-situ. This allows for very clear and precise visualization of the molecular mechanisms present in a developing embryo. We can use this information to help elucidate spatial and temporal patterns in RNA expression, which can help build molecular "maps" to understand expression patterns. We used this approach to investigate the pathways active during tracheal-esophageal separation, an early developmental event that often leads to birth defects and spontaneous abortion when it proceeds incorrectly. It is important that we begin to understand these pathways for better clinical and therapeutic interventions, and this approach is a new and effective way of doing so.

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Category: Medical Interventions