Effects of Energy Drinks and Caffeinated Pre-Workout Supplement on Cardiovascular and Resistance Training

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Krish Kadakia
Alex Shood
Max Lendhardt
Susan Kotowski


By Krish Kadakia, Health Sciences; Alex Shood, PT; Max Lendhardt, PT

Advisor: Susan Kotowski

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Abstract: Energy drinks and caffeinated pre-workout supplements are said to enhance cardiovascular and resistance training. Some energy drinks are geared towards energy for working out and some are for energy in general. The purpose of this project is to analyze if the claims of the effects on exercise are true and if there is any difference between Red Bull and Celsius in exercise performance. Our group brought in a total of 30 participants; 15 of those were female and 15 of those males over the age of 18. Each participant had to fill out a pre-workout survey before being able to engage in exercise to receive background information and health history. These questions were aimed to screen out participants that were unfit for the study and ensure safety with our participants. Each participant was brought into the health sciences building three separate times to consume 4.5 ounces of water, RedBull and Celsius. Each participant participated in three different exercises after consuming the drinks and the effect of these drinks were measured using a rating of perceived exertion scale (RPE) and repetitions of push-ups, sit-ups and jump squats. These exercises were performed for 2 minutes, and participants were given a 2-minute rest period in between sets. We hypothesize that there will no significant difference in performance when comparing RedBull and Celsius, however, we expect for performance to increase when comparing to the control. 

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