Understanding the 'Who' Behind Our 'Why' A Characterization of the Patient Experience At a Cincinnati Student-Run Free Clinic

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Samir Siddiqui
Abbey Groszkiewicz
Joseph Kiesler


By Samir Siddqui, Medical Sciences

Advisor: Joseph Kiesler

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Abstract: The UC SRFC was established in partnership with a local ministry in Cincinnati called the Healing Center. Initial data collected in the first six months after opening suggested patients most often accessed the SRFC for respiratory, cardiac, or musculoskeletal concerns. However, substantial data on the demographics of the patient population and patient perspective was lacking. It is important to quantify who is utilizing the clinic and understand their experience to tailor our volunteer program and offerings to patients. Patients presenting to our clinic for either an acute care visit or a health screening were given pre- and post-visit paper questionnaires-offered in English and Spanish-on the day they were seen. Questionnaire data was entered into REDCap by SRFC leaders. The pre-visit questionnaires focused on quantitative population metrics including demographic information and post-visit questionnaires contained quantitative evaluation on satisfaction and options to share comments on the patients' experience and suggestions for improvement. Quantitative data was analyzed using descriptive statistics while qualitative data was analyzed for emerging themes. Data collection remains underway, with a goal of surveying 30 patients. Preliminary results include, 35% of patients seeking care preferentially speak Spanish language and 60% of patients who access the UC SRFC leave with at least one referral. The main outcomes assessed include access to other healthcare options, transportation to and from the clinic, satisfaction with experience, understanding of patient educational topics discussed, and suggestions for future improvement. This study was approved by University of Cincinnati IRB and deemed non-human subjects

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