Are Youth Detention Centers Providing Adequate Training on Trauma Informed Care?

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Olivia Riggs
Nicole McKenna


By Olivia Riggs, Pre-Law Criminal Justice

Advisor: Nicole McKenna

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Abstract: As of 2022 African American girls make up only 10.2% of the American population, but yet represent the 33% of young black girls that are detained and committed. Young black girls are o Juvenile detention centers are one of the many stops black girls encounter, which can add on to the more trauma that they already have. The current study asks the following questions: Does your facility provide training on the intersection of identities? Participants for this study include staff, administrators, and treatment providers at youth detention facilities across the United States to understand how detention facilities can address the problem of training staff in trauma-informed care responses and intersectionality (n-35). Preliminary findings are presented and implications for youth, girls, and especially girls of color are discussed. 

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