Impact of Mindfulness Strategies on Nurse Burnout

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Abby Ribar
Madison Donohue
Brooke Niederegger
Caroline Morrison


By Abby Ribar, Nursing; Madison Donohur, Nursing; Brooke Niederegger, Nursing

Advisor: Caroline Morrison

Award: Excellence in Research Communication

Presentation ID: 83

Abstract: Before the Coronavirus pandemic, the rate of burnout in registered nurses was 40%, and now the rate has grown to 70% creating a major dilemma in the medical field. Nurses often feel unsupported regarding personal stress and burnout that can be directly related to their jobs. The aim of this project is to educate registered nurses on the importance and impact of mindfulness strategies (i.e. deep breathing exercises, yoga, resilience training, relaxation, and meditation) on their careers and patient care. A brochure and education session were designed to present to a selected group of registered nurses on a medical-surgical unit at Mercy Health - The Jewish Hospital. We emphasized essential mindfulness strategies and described different options that nurses can incorporate into their busy schedules. Pre- and post-education questions regarding confidence in completing mindfulness strategies, different strategy options to lower stress, and symptoms related to burnout in nursing were dispensed for evaluation of their knowledge gained after the education session. The nurses' knowledge of mindfulness strategies for burnout before education was 70% and increased to 92.5%. Likewise, after the presentation, the nurses are 64% more likely to incorporate healthy mindfulness strategies into their lives. 

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