Evaluating the Effects of Exclosures on Spring Ephemerals in Cincinnati Parks

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Jordan Gerda
Max Lackey
Lillie Braun
Grace Edmonston
Jack Fogle
Sara Langworthy
Nathan Pack
Sean Pettit
Hayden Pittock
Stephen Matter


By Jordan Gerda, Environmental Studies; Max Lackey, Biology of Animals; Lillie Braun, University of Cincinnati; Grace Edmonston, University of Cincinnati; Jack Fogle, University of Cincinnati; Sara Langworthy, University of Cincinnati; Nathan Pack, University of Cincinnati; Sean Pettit, University of Cincinnati

Advisor: Stephen Matter

Award: Excellence in Reseach Communication

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Abstract: White-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) overpopulation in the urban southwest Ohio area could have a negative effect on spring ephemerals. To study the effects of the deer and meso mammal population, the Cincinnati parks have installed exclosures in several parks. The purpose of our research is to compare these exclosures to their corresponding control plots to record the effects of herbivory on spring ephemeral diversity and abundance. This research is a continuation of research done in the previous year. Our goal is to expand upon and strengthen the research. We expect to see a greater abundance and diversity of spring ephemerals within the exclosures than in the control plots.

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Category: Ecosystems & Biodiversity