The Archaeology of Troy

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Andrew Rivadeneira
Jeffrey Kramer


By Andrew Rivadeneira, Classical Civilization

Advisor: Jeffrey Kramer

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Abstract: Troy was once thought to have been just a myth, instead it was a very real city. Carl W. Blegen and Marion Rawson led the University of Cincinnati excavation at the site from 1932-1938, following in the footsteps of Heinrich Schliemann and William Dörpfeld. These excavations were made possible due to the support and participation of William T. Semple, the chair of the Department of Classics, and Louise Taft Semple. This is a virtual exhibition on the Archaeology of Troy. It focuses on these excavations and their finds. The exhibition highlights unique features of the nine phases of Troy. Images are used from the excavation to visually represent some of these features. I also discuss the pottery of each phase in more detail with examples and pottery charts. This project was done in conjunction with the University of Cincinnati's Classics Archives and Collections. The goal is to bring to life such an important archaeological site and the University's role. 


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