Connecting Communities in Tanzania to Cincinnati Village Life Travel App

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Reegan Clark
Karamia Kranzley
Emma Kahmann
Binod Dahal
Mark Welch
Michael Sharp


By Reegan Clark, Communication; Karamia Kranzley, Communication; Emma Kahmann, Communication; Binod Dahal, IT; Mark Welch, Communication

Advisor: Michael Sharp

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Abstract: Our goal is to develop an app for the Village Life Outreach Project. The Village Life Outreach Project is a non-profit in Cincinnati that works with villages in Tanzania to improve the quality of life. Our group consists of communication majors and an IT major. Our problem is to figure out what content is needed within the app and app development. We plan to inform the travelers by creating pages that include pre, during, and post-trip information; as well as offering a survey to travelers returning from Tanzania. This app will define the objectives of travelers and serve as a bridge for communication. The data from the travelers will allow us to know if the app is meeting the needs of the users. We have talked with staff members in regards to a potential spending amount for the app which is around 1,000-3,000 dollars. As a group, our goal is to ensure Village Life is confident with the ideas presented for the app in order to move forward. 

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