Inclusive Language What Is It and Why Do Non-Profit Organizations Need It?

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Lydia Whiteford
Grace Lanzotti
Emily Mays
Landen Boulding
Tracy Ritze
Michael Sharp


By Lydia Whiteford, Communication; Grace Lanzotti, Communication; Emily Mays, Communication; Landen Boulding, Communication; Tracy Ritze, Communication

Advisor: Michael Sharp

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Abstract: Village Life Outreach Project is a non-profit organization that focuses on promoting life, health, and education in villages in Tanzania. Village Life's philosophy and vision are different from many others you may encounter. It is important to do research and educate our partners about what inclusive language is and why it's important. Village Life needs a rubric to make sure all of their social media posts, website content, YouTube videos, and more portray their vision and heart of partnership and collaboration to everyone that may encounter them. We are collaborating with Village Life on making an inclusivity statement. A unique and personal inclusivity statement, tailored to Village Life, is a vital part of the organization's future goals. We understand that training will need to be implemented for Village Life's board of directors and we are excited to create this. Having interactive training, coupled with the drafting of an inclusivity statement, will create future opportunities and ensure that everyone on Village Life's team is on the same page in their philosophy and vision. Inclusive language is something that everyone should strive to educate themselves about and this is what we plan to demonstrate. The training and rubric will facilitate learning for the board of directors of Village Life and create opportunities for future partners to attain a new basis of knowledge. 

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