Village Life Outreach Project School Garden Project

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Mischelle Price
Erin Evens
Augusta Hooks
Michael Sharp


By Mischelle Price, Communication; Erin Evens, Communication; Augusta Hooks, Communication; 

Advisor: Michael Sharp

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Abstract: (We are 1 of 2 groups presenting this project) Village Life Outreach Project is a non-profit organization located in Cincinnati that works with Tanzania, their mission being to unite communities to promote Life, Health, and Education. We are doing the School Garden Project for Village Life. The Village Life Outreach Project is working through us to be a global service partner with Cincinnati Public Schools to teach students about food insecurity. We have created 6 modules to teach a food insecurity curriculum to students in grades 6-9 at Hughes High School. In addition to the modules, we are partnering with Gabriels Place to factor in the garden part of the project.

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