Village Life Student Board

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Cassidy Mayse
Grace Holliday
Anna Vincent
Whinti Mcnay
Ishan Rayka
Michael Sharp


By Cassidy Mayse, Communication; Grace Holliday, Communication; Anna Vincent, Communication; Whinti Mcnay, Communication; ishan Rayka, Communication

Advisor: Michael Sharp

Presentation ID: 157

Abstract: Having diversity within an organization is important for a number of reasons, and Village Life's board of directors has not shied away from the idea. Our group's project is to try and figure out how to integrate students into the Village Life's board of directors. Our idea consists of trying to work out the logistics of a mentor/mentee relationship between students and different board members. We are excited to keep moving forward on this project because of the potential benefits it brings including: a more diverse perspective, new ideas that bring about analytical problem solving, and an overall wider age range.

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