Virtual International Collaborative Experience Program (VICEP)

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Samuel Effah-Abrefah
Favour Kongyu
Henock Endalew
Blen Sintayhu
Hilawi Waleign
Cedrick Kwuimy


By Samuel Effah-Abrefah, Biomedical Engineering; Favour Kongyu, Mechanical Engineering; Henock Endalew, Mechanical Engineering; Blen Sintayhu, Mechanical Engineering; Hilawi Waleign, Mechanical Engineering

Advisor: Cedrick Kwuimy

Award: Excellence in Research Communication

Presentation ID: 78

Abstract: The world has expressed concerns in the field of agriculture and energy. My team and I have researched into the paramount these nagging issues and have integrated Engineering Design, AI, Innovation to ideate possible solutions and prototype for these problems. The purpose of VICEP is to pair up students from cross-disciplinary and cultural backgrounds and experience to come up with innovative solutions that can improve the world. Our goal is to build solid team work with different cultural and disciplinary students to create solutions.

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