Bridging Campus Video Production Facilities to Produce UC Sports Content

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Caitlyn Zieleniewski
Jack Bolander
Joe Brackman


By Caitlyn Zieleniewski, Media Production; Jack Bolander, Media Production

Advisor: Joe Brackman

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Abstract: We will be producing a 30-minute sports magazine/recap show in the CCM studio called the "Cincy Sports Show". The show will be recorded live-to-tape, with interview segments, taped segments, and live discussion segments. We plan to direct and cut the show remotely, from a control room located in the Nippert Stadium West Pavilion Press Box. The show will cover all University of Cincinnati sports and some Cincinnati pro sports. The pilot episode will be modeled on a program that could be produced monthly, and we will use this opportunity to determine how workflows could be improved going forward. A monthly show, if established, has the potential to be aired on ESPN+ and on UC social media. One of our goals for this is for it to be a student-led, monthly-produced show. They will spend the weeks leading up to the show planning and getting the content they need. We will also determine the feasibility of interconnecting the Nippert Control Room with the CCM Studio. Long-term opportunities exist if this process can be streamlined. This would give students the opportunity to expand their video production skills. Currently, the students get experience in live sports production, but this would give them a chance to also learn how to produce a studio show.

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