Examining Ideal in Vitro Conditions For Studying Primary Glial Cell Function and Interaction.

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Archit Deshpande
Agnes Luo


By Archit Deshpande, Neuroscience - Neurobiology Concentration

Advisor: Agnes Luo

Award: Excellence in Research Communication

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Abstract: Glial cells such as microglia and astrocytes are vital for neuronal health and proper brain function. Glial cells such as these are difficult to culture in vitro without altering their normal functions. We established in vitro cell co-cultures with various conditions to establish the most in vivo like scenario to then learn about glial interactions, functions, and responses to various injury models. We found that using astrocytes and microglia from the same culture was more advantageous to mimic the in vitro environment than adding primary microglia to pre cultured astrocytes. These conditions were chosen when evaluating various in vitro injury models.

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