More Than Just Screen Time

Children’s Sedentary Behaviors at Home and the Interplay of Home Environment Factors


  • Apoorva Rathod
  • Jerry Olsson
  • Tim Schwanen


sedentary behavior, home environment, screen time


Children’s sedentary behavior (SB) is associated with various negative health outcomes. Because the home is an important site of children’s SB, it is essential to study the correlations between different kinds of SBs in which children engage and home environment factors. This paper studies 7-12-year-old children’s home-based SB in a Swedish municipality to understand the amount and correlates of different kinds of SBs, using logistic regression. Results show that children engage in both non-screen and screen-based SBs, all with multiple yet different correlates. The amount of non-screen and screen-based SBs differed by age and gender.