The Phenology Project

Addressing Dis-ease in a Time of Pandemic


  • Micahel E. Beeth University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
  • Wendy Strauch-Nelson University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
  • Kelsey Raschke Paine Art Center and Gardens
  • Clayton T. Russell Northland College


phenology, STEAM, wellness, book making, preservice teachers


Time spent inthe natural world canbe an ideal way to enjoy learning science as well as reaphealth benefits. Helpingelementary students enjoy their connections to the natural world,rather than merely repeatinginformation found intexts, is something elementary school teachers can doto promote theeducation andwellness of their students. Theinstructional activityreported here engagedpreservice elementary teachers in understanding the natural world through phenology—directed observation of the natural world that buildsconscious awareness of and connections with a natural area.The elementary preservice teachers participated in severalactivities related to phenology and then constructed booksto expresstheir understandings of and connections tolocal natural areas right outside their door.





Reports from the Field