Lasting Conservation and Science-Related Outcomes Associated with Science Education, Environmental Education, and Outdoor Science Education


  • S. Brent Jackson
  • Kathryn Stevenson
  • M. Nils Peterson
  • Danielle F. Lawson
  • Ryan A. Olson
  • E. Garland Joseph


environmental education, science education, outdoor science, education, natural resources, science confidence


Science and environmental education may promote life-long engagement in science and environmental conservation. We used hierarchical multiple linear regression to investigate how childhood participation in science education, environmental education, and outdoor science education interact to encourage long-term participation in science and support for local environments. Our survey of 231 high school students in North Carolina suggests outdoor science education is positively associated with enjoying time outdoors (p = 0.065) and the perception of the value of local natural resources (p = 0.021) four to seven years later. We also found support for science confidence following a science education program (p = 0.004).