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  • Journal of the American Leather Chemists Association

    THE JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN LEATHER CHEMISTS ASSOCIATION (USPS #019-334) is published monthly by The American Leather Chemists Association, 1314 50th Street, Suite 103, Lubbock, Texas 79412.The Journal of the American Leather Chemists Association publishes manuscripts on all aspects of leather science, engineering, technology, and economics, and will consider related subjects that address concerns of the industry. Examples: hide/skin quality or utilization, leather production methods/equipment, tanning materials/leather chemicals, new and improved leathers, collagen studies, leather by-products, impacts of changes in leather products industries, process efficiency, sustainability, regulatory, safety, environmental, tannery waste management and industry economics.

  • Studies in Perception and Action XVI


    This volume is the sixteenth in the Studies in Perception and Action book series, and highlights research presented at the 21st International Conference of Perception and Action (ICPA) in the summer of 2020. Since 1991, this edited book series has appeared in conjunction with the biennial ICPA meeting. The short papers and empirical articles presented in this book represent the contributions of researchers and laboratories from across the globe. The reader will find new, cutting-edge research on a wide variety of topics in perception and action. This volume will especially appeal to those that are interested in James J. Gibson's ecological approach to psychology, as well as, more broadly, students and researchers of visual and haptic perception, perceptual development, human movement dynamics, human factors, and social processes.


    To prepare your long abstract, a template will be available on the ICPA XXI website. Long abstracts should have a maximum of 1600 and will amount to 4 printed pages in the poster book. Word counts exclude the title, authors, and affiliations, but include all other text from the first word of the introduction to the last word of the acknowledgments (or References if there are no Acknowledgements).

    The number of words must be reduced if you choose to include tables/figures. If you use tables/figures, subtract 200 words per table/figure from the maximum number of words (1600) to determine the paper length.

    0 Tables/Figures = 1600 words

    1 Tables/Figures = 1400 words

    2 Tables/Figures = 1200 word

    3 Tables/Figures = 1000 words

    The Editors reserve the right to edit papers for length if necessary.

    Step-by-step instructions for posterbook submission

    1. Download template (.doc file) from the ICPA 2020 website: Click Here (Long Abstract Submission)

    2. Submit completed poster paper as an 'Posterbook Submission' in the Submission portal. 

    3. Enter metadata, including: title, abstract (just include the title), contributors (coauthors), and keywords (after incuding each keyword, press enter). 

    4. Submission will be assigned to a designated ICPA scientific committee reviewer, who will provide one round of review. 

    5. Authors will be alerted when the review is complete, and if provisionally accepted, will be given until (due date) to complete the revisions. All revisions will be reviewed by the editorial team and may be sent back to authors if review comments were not adequately attended to in the revisions. 

  • Issues in Race and Society

    Issues in Race & Society is owned by the Association of Black Sociologists and published in partnership with the University of Cincinnati Press and the generous support of the University of Texas at Austin.


  • Undergraduate Scholarly Showcase Program (Spring 2019)

    The Proceedings captures projects presented at UC’s Undergraduate Scholarly Showcase. The Showcase is a one-day event where hundreds of students from across the university present new knowledge and innovation produced through scholarly process. Students with permission from their project advisor may submit abstracts, posters, slide decks, and other materials for publication.

  • National Conference on the Beginning Design Student

    The theme of the 2018 conference is TIME. The conference focuses on the ways in which the PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE are considered and engaged in beginning design education. This is the 34th National Conference held March 1-3, 2018, hosted by the College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning at the University of Cincinnati.

  • Proceedings for Mediated Minds

    Mediated Minds is a research conference for undergraduate students at all University of Cincinnati campuses. It is held at the Blue Ash campus during Spring Semester.  The conference features students’ research and creative work, providing them with the opportunity to participate in a professional conference. Presentation formats include oral presentations, posters, panels, roundtable discussions, and other creative or scholarly work.

  • Music Research Forum

    Music Research Forum is published annually by the graduate students of the University of Cincinnati's College-Conservatory of Music. The journal's articles present new research in the fields of musicology, theory, ethnomusicology, music education, music therapy, performance practice, music and culture, music criticism, and electronic media. Music Research Forum provides an opportunity for scholars in music-related studies to publish early in their careers. The journal was internationally distributed in print from 1986 to 2016 and online since 2018. 

    ISSN (print): 1042-1262

    To access print issues (1986-2016):
            in the College-Conservatory of Music Library, U. of Cincinnati, see      
            or for nearest library location, see OCLC 13421049. 

  • The Journal for Research and Practice in College Teaching

    The JRPCT promotes scholarly teaching and the scholarship of teaching and learning and publishes articles focused on promoting student learning. Articles should address themes around promoting effective practices in teaching and learning.

    For past issues, please check the Archive.

  • Focus on German Studies

    Focus on German Studies is a scholarly journal for German language literature and German Studies, which is run and published exclusively by graduate students at the University of Cincinnati. We publish only writing submitted by other graduate students. Our format includes articles on German Studies, German literature, interviews with German-speaking authors, and book reviews of contemporary literature. For more information, see

    From 1994 through 2000, this journal was known as Focus on Literatur: a journal for German-language literature.