Developing meaningful learning in a freshman-level chemistry course for non-STEM majors


Carrie Salmon
Susan E Ramlo
Yuan Xue


Best practices in general education work in the US is important especially within the sciences.  Additionally, independent student laboratory work provides options for both online science classes as well as face-to-face [F2F].  What started out as the development and implementation of an authentic, problem-based learning [PBL] experience in a chemistry course for non-majors became a way to maintain students’ authentic experiences during the move from F2F to online due to the COVID-19 situation. This PBL lab experience was part of a conceptual chemistry course at a large, public university in the Midwest.     


Author Biographies

Carrie Salmon, The University of Akron

Carrie Salmon is a PhD student in chemistry and a graduate teaching assistant at The University of Akron.  Previously, she was a Visiting Instructor in General Technology-Chemistry at The University of Akron.

Susan E Ramlo, The University of Akron

Susan Ramlo is Professor of General Technology- Physics and Physics at The University of Akron.  She has been at UA for 26 years and was previously an industrial physicist in the radiation detection industry.  Ramlo's research is focused on STEM education and Q methodology.

Yuan Xue, The University of Akron

Yuan (Mike) Xue is a Ph.D. Candidate and Graduate Assistant in the Department of Chemistry, The University of Akron