Navigating COVID-19 and the Overnight Transition to Online Teaching: Multidisciplinary Business Faculty Narratives Address the Challenges in Closing the Transactional Distance and Creating a Sense of Community for Students Using Online Active Learning St


Michele D Kegley
Annette Redmon
Lori Wortylko
Monica Widdig


The paper shares selected narratives of successful teaching tools and active learning strategies utilized by multidisciplinary Business Faculty navigating COVID-19 and the overnight transition to online teaching in March 2020. The Faculty reflect on how they used these tools to address the challenges in closing the transactional distance experienced by students while creating a sense of community among students and the faculty. Four faculty in the Business and Economics department of a U.S. research 1 University’s regional college, share their pre and post COVID experience in accounting, marketing, business law, and applied administration. The pivot to online delivery with little time for preparation came with unexpected challenges for faculty and students. The successful transition and redesign of in-person to online active learning strategies are discussed within the context of the need to be cognizant of diversity, equity, and inclusion needs.