Using Diverse Applications to Promote Student Engagement and Faculty Presence in the Online Classroom


Melanie Kroger-Jarvis
Kimberly D. Johnson, PhD, RN, CEN, FAEN


 In an online classroom, the course media creates a relationship between the student and the faculty member. In a two and a half year study of student engagement and perception of faculty presence in a nursing program, students were surveyed about the media they used in their courses. Students were also asked about how the media affected how connected they were to other students and to the faculty members in the program. Eighty-seven students participated. Students reported using the course video system most and lecture slides the most. They also reported that online activities increased course discussion. Students commented that the online format was a good learning experience but the lack of immediate feedback from instructors was less satisfactory.  Students reported that they felt more engaged in the course when they had contact with their instructors through the discussion board and personal email with their instructors.